Making a Lasting Impact, Now and in the Future

Impact Giving

Couple Planning for the Future

Your planned gift can lift up future lives

Planned Giving

You can turn your savings into impactful assistance in someone’s future, while still meeting your goals of financial security right now. By making a simple bequest in your will or trust, you assure future funds to Tri-Lakes Cares that enable our mission to support the Tri-Lakes community for many years to come.

Our online tools can help answer questions and guide you through this process. Don’t have a will yet? You can create one in under 20 minutes using our online tool that will help you plan your estate and name Tri-Lakes Cares as a beneficiary.

Get peace of mind

Create a Free Will Today in Under 20 Minutes!

Through our partnership with FreeWill, Tri-Lakes Cares is providing you with an online platform where you can easily make a legally binding will in just 20 minutes and even leave a gift of any size to further support our cause—at no additional cost.

Thank you for supporting Tri-Lakes Cares’ mission today, which will leave an impact in the community for many years to come!

Explore smart, secure non-cash alternatives

Asset Giving

Rather than a traditional cash donation, many donors are opting for smarter giving. You can donate non-cash options to Tri-Lakes Cares that not only support our mission but may also offer you a variety of tax benefits.

Explore different options such as securely donating stocks, cryptocurrency, gifts from your IRA, or making a grant from a donor-advised fund. Our fully integrated tool makes it seamless and easy.


Donating stocks enables you to bypass capital gains tax and frequently qualify for a charitable deduction equivalent to the asset's full value.


If you're 70.5 years or older, contributing from your IRA can effectively lower your taxable income and can meet the RMD obligation as well.

Donor-Advised Fund

Donor-advised funds (DAFs) are another donation alternative and they serve as an investment account specifically designed to support charitable organizations.


Can you donate Crypto? Yes, we now accept donations of Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies! This is another option for tax benefits.

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