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Tri-Lakes Cares

Location: 235 N Jefferson Street, Monument, CO 80132

Mailing: PO Box 1301, Monument, CO 80132

Main Telephone: (719) 481-4864

Fax: (719) 481-3030

Email: info@tri-lakescares.org

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Staff Extensions

Tel: (719) 481-4864

Name Extension
Front Desk / Main Phone X 100
Haley Chapin, Executive Director X 101
Julie Keim, Director of Operations X 114
Linda Gregg, Accounting Specialist x 114
Jackie Burhans, Facilities Specialist X 118
Joseph Figueroa, Director of Case Management X 112
Rachael Collins, Case Manager (A to L) X 102
Jessica Garrison, Case Manager (M to Z) X 117
Benjamin Shearer, Case Manager (new clients) X 115
Cindy Stickel, Neighborhood Nurse X 103
Nichole Pettigrew, Director of Client Programs X 113
Jessica Myers, Food Programs Manager X 111
Dieter Famula, Data Specialist X 106
Stephanie Force, Director of Development X 108
Christine Bucher, Development Specialist X 110
Julie Brown, Grants Manager X 104
Nora McKay, Admin & Communications Specialist X 109