Special Donation Requests

Periodically, Tri-Lakes Cares has special requests for items that benefit the whole organization. These are typically items which don’t fall under any other category.


Our current requests



In order to be a good neighbor and community member, we like to keep our property neat and trimmed.

We need a new weed trimmer to help us do that! Consider purchasing one today. Weed trimmer

Our volunteers who work in the pantry use these smaller sized rolling carts to help process donations and fulfill grocery orders. Two of the carts we currently have are in need of replacement due to split/cracked handles.

These can be purchased through Home Depot.


Who doesn’t love totes and storage bins? We certainly do as it helps us transport donations, store items for Giving Tree, school supplies, special events or so many other uses. We need ten of them!


Two sturdy coolers like these are needed to transport cold beverages or other items which need cooling to events for volunteers, staff or client. The important thing is the size and the sturdy wheels to cover uneven ground.

Learn more about them here.

To help transport items to and from at events or around TLC, we sure could use a wagon like this.

Option 1

Option 2


An A-frame informational sign which is easy to update because it is a dry-erase board. Perfect for quick signage changes at TLC or events.

Here is where it can be purchased.

Looking for a unique way to support not only TLC but also a local, small business? You can purchase gifts cards to local restaurants or put a “down payment” at one of our vendors. Learn more here.
You can also visit our regular donation page to find out about regular and current needs for our pantry or other programs.