Getting Ahead

Getting Ahead – in a “just-gettin’by” world

What is Getting Ahead?

Are you stuck in a life rut? Have you been trying different things but can’t move forward? Do you want to throw your hands up and give up?

Get off the hamster wheel and participate in a 9-week workshop just for you. Explore who you are, join a community to talk about how you got to the place where you are now, and learn strategies to help you move forward.

Getting Ahead studies poverty and near poverty through the lens of economic class to better understand how our society and the economic classes work. The group investigates the impact that poverty and low wages have on us and what it takes to move from a “just-gettin’-by” world to a getting-ahead world. The idea of Getting-Ahead “means action and movement” and getting ahead of where we are now, toward a future that we really want.

Getting Ahead graduates June 2017

Who is in the class?

Men, women, older and younger generations. Everyone wants the inside info on how to move ahead and get past where you are stuck at the moment. We all want hope for what we can have and anyone willing to look at new ideas and thoughts is welcome in the class. Each person has a personal journey but it is generally similar in that you want something better for yourself and your family; you can find this in this class of like-minded people wanting to get ahead.

Why should I be interested?

Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result. Does this sound like what you feel like every time you think about trying to change your situation? Getting Ahead helps you acquire the tools to make changes in your life; address issues that have been buried that often paralyze one from moving forward.

June participant with her storyboard at graduation – charting where she has been, where she is and her vision for her future
Graduate talking to attendee about her life story board.

What will I absorb?

Getting Ahead looks at YOUR LIFE NOW – if we’re going to do something about poverty, we had better know and have accurate, specific and complete pictures of poverty and instability in our community.

Getting Ahead looks at the Theory of Change – when daily life is unpredictable and unstable, people can get caught up in solving problems all day long. Breaking out of that trap can lead to a new future story.

Getting Ahead looks at the Rich/Poor gap and research on the causes of poverty – until we explore and understand all the causes of poverty, we won’t be ale to build communities where everyone can live well.

Getting Ahead looks at the Hidden Rules of Economic Class – learning about the hidden rules of class can increase understanding, reduce judgemental attitudes, and help people come together across class lines to solve problems.

Getting Ahead graduates September 2017 with Dr. Regina Lewis

Are you ready?

Ask your TLC Case Manager for more information about how to join us for this investigation into your own life!

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