Education Assistance

Post-Secondary Education Scholarship Program

Financial assistance is available for post-secondary education. Clients must meet the eligibility requirements in order to qualify for assistance.

The Post-Secondary Education Program (PSEP) helps clients meet educational goals that could lead to a job and in many cases a career. PSEP can help a single mom go back to school, the underemployed seek education or training to get a better job, or the high school graduate with a dream, but not the resources to make it come true accomplish their goal.

GED Program

Financial assistance is available for GED training and testing. Clients can meet with a Case Manager to receive contact information for agencies offering the training and GED testing.

When unemployment grows, those without a High School diploma suffer most. The GED test is a chance to earn a high-school level diploma, but more than that, it opens doors to the higher education that’s so valuable in today’s job market.

Books 4 Kids Program

This program aims to help children build their own library of books at home, by receiving one book per month for  period of one year, which is age appropriate and of interest to each individual child.

Learn more here.

Getting Ahead

Learn more about this opportunity here.

If you have any questions regarding post-secondary education or GED assistance, please contact one of our Case Managers based on your last name:

Last Name, A-L: Contact Rachael Collins at (719) 481-4864, x 102 or casemanager@tri-lakescares.org

Last Name, M-Z: Contact Paula Blair at (719) 481-4864, x 112 or  casemanager2@tri-lakescares.org