Why TLC?

Why Does the Tri-Lakes Region Need an Agency Like Tri-Lakes Cares?

TLC exists to provide a safety net for low income households in the Tri-Lakes region; and to help those households willing and able, to work toward self-sufficiency.  Many households in the Tri-Lakes region do not earn enough income to meet all their basic needs such as housing, food, utilities, transportation, and health care. This disparity between household income and necessary daily living expenses often results in generational and situational poverty.

There are many factors that contribute to poverty in the Tri-Lakes Region, including a lack of high-paying jobs and lack of public transportation for those without a vehicle. Northern El Paso County has a higher cost of housing and utilities compared to other areas south of the Tri-Lakes area.  Tri-Lakes Cares strives to help our clients overcome emergencies and work toward self-sufficiency by offering resources to improve education and income by supporting self-sufficiency programs and encouraging job skills training. Please take  moment to hear from TLC clients in this short video.

 Archived TLC Client Videos can be viewed here on our YouTube page.