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Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month®, a nutrition education and information campaign created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics? The theme for this year is “Put Your Best Fork Forward” to help remind all of us that we have the tool – the fork – to make healthier food choices. Even small choices help to improve health now and into the future.

But what if you can’t make those healthier choices due to financial circumstances? How do you choose between the loaf of sliced white bread (usually cheaper) and the healthier multi-grain option when you are trying to stretch your food budget to feed your family? How can you take advantage of fresh fruits and vegetables to improve health when those same items are outside of your budget?

This is where Tri-Lakes Cares can help! Through our “Help Yourself” pantry option, individuals and families can shop and select whole grain breads, fresh fruits and vegetables as well as dairy products such as milk, eggs and yogurt – all thanks to our community partners. Every Monday and Thursday, our volunteers pick up these items from stores across our community (Safeway, King Soopers, Natural Grocers – to name a few) as well as from Care and Share. Other volunteers help unload the donations and stock the “Help Yourself” shelves, resulting in a friendly atmosphere for clients to “shop.” They can take advantage of the healthier options and consequently stretch their food budget at the store. Of course, we also get some sweet treats which everyone can enjoy periodically.

And, remember, if you are starting to feel “spring fever” and you are planning your vegetable garden – if you harvest a bumper crop, Tri-Lakes Cares will be happy to take your surplus crops and make it available through our “Help Yourself” program.

By providing these options to our clients, they can make better food choices, hopefully improving their health and wellbeing. In addition, they can stretch their limited financial resources to cover other cost of living expenses such as rent, utilities, medical needs (prescriptions), or school needs of their children.

Thank you to all of our food partners who make the “Help Yourself” area so successful! If you shop at any of these stores, be sure to thank them for their support to Tri-Lakes Cares!

Care and Share Food Bank of Southern Colorado
King Soopers (Baptist Road, Store #77)
Kneaders Bakery & Care (Northgate, Store #45)
Kum and Go (Interquest Pkwy, Store #0665)
Kum and Go (Monument, Store #0650)
Kum and Go (Research, Store #0684)
Natural Grocers (Baptist Road, Store #MU22)
Panera Bread (Briargate, Store #203070)
Penzeys Spices (N Academy Blvd)
Pizza Hut (Voyager Pkwy)
Safeway (Monument, Store #1440)
7-Eleven (Northgate, Store #36714
Small Cakes Cupcakery (N. Academy Blvd)
Sprouts (Northgate)
Starbucks (Interquest Pkwy)


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