Your legacy is our future!

What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.
Albert Pine

August is “What Will Be Your Legacy?” month.  Take the month to reflect on your past, consider your present, and plan for the future to make positive changes that will affect generations to come.  Some things you can do are write out your family history for your children, grandchildren and other young people in your family; plan how to implement your long-term goals (what is on your bucket list?); and update or complete your will or estate plan.

A common misconception is that wills are just for the wealthy. But in reality everyone, even those with a modest income, has assets. Consider: if you own a car or a home, you have assets. If you have a life insurance policy or an IRA or other type of retirement account, you have assets. If you own family antiques or jewelry, you have assets. A will or estate plan can protect those assets and help your heirs understand your wishes for distribution. This is part of your legacy.

Another aspect of your legacy can include our future. When writing your will or establishing your estate plan, consider leaving a bequest to Tri-Lakes Cares. In simple terms, a bequest is a transfer (a gift) of assets or property at by will to a specific recipient. You can also name Tri-Lakes Cares as a beneficiary on your life insurance policy or your IRA/retirement accounts.  Naming us a beneficiary will let your heirs and others know the importance you place on supporting us and ensuring our future.

If you have already named Tri-Lakes Cares in your estate plans, thank you! We would love to hear from you and learn your story. Don’t worry; we will keep it completely confidential.

If you want to include us in your estate plans, we can provide you with sample language, but make sure you consult your lawyer or financial advisor.

So, during August think about your legacy and begin planning how you want to be remembered.

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