“On a Plate – A Short Story about Privilege”

We ran across this cartoon by Toby Morris on The Wireless website. This cartoon is a great illustration of the generational poverty that many of TLC’s clients face and how difficult it can be to get out of that cycle.

Which side of the cartoon do you fall on? Can you identify with the other side? Let us know.

One way that TLC helps individuals to move out of generational poverty is through the “Getting Ahead” program. During the 12-week course, participants are called “investigators.” They complete a self-evaluation to help them understand their current situation and mindset. They review what resources they have or lack, share stories and successes in the class, learn how to maximize their resources and build relationships which will prove beneficial beyond the class.

This year TLC will offer the course twice. The first one will begin March 2nd. For information about Getting Ahead contact Kim Whisenhunt at 481-4864, ext 105 or operationsmanager@tri-lakescares.org.

Toby is an illustrator and comic artist based Auckland, New Zealand. He is the creator of the Pencilsword and is also half of the Toby and Toby duo of the series “That is the question” at radionz.co.nz.


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